Electricity aggrement

I moved to the new apartment in nykvarn and my electricity started but they asked me to do agreement here and now I am not getting it how to do it and which option should I have to select.
Aakruti Shah


  • Dear Aakruti Shah

    Thanks for your e-mail!

    I would recommend you go our website Elpriskollen to compare various electricity contracts.


    You can find all contact details to the suppliers with help from the link below.

    In the electricity market, as a consumer you have two agreements: an electricity network agreement with the electricity network company that owns the electricity network where you live and an electricity agreement with an electricity supplier. You can choose the electricity supplier yourself, but not the electricity network company.

    Good luck, I hope that the information will help you!

    Erika Axelsson Energimarknadsinspektionen

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